On this website, users can read about the intense and interesting life led by Andrew Carnegie – one of the richest men to have ever lived.

The site takes a look at his early years, when he migrated to the United States from Dunfermline in Scotland. It is interesting to see how his concept of fairness derived from the multitude of odd jobs that he had to do in order to make money before he really hit the big time.

Carnegie, as the site explains, eventually became one of the biggest businessmen that the United States has ever seen, but it was hard work and a stroke of luck that really propelled his name to glory. He bought a farm and oil was subsequently found underground on the property. He sold the land there and his previous job as a telegraph operator with various railroad companies allowed him to tap into… a source of wealth, investing money into the ever expanding rail network.

The site shows how Carnegie made so much money that there was not really much point in trying to make more for himself and he therefore became one of the world’s most generous philanthropists. He capped his own salary and instead decided to build numerous hospitals, universities, libraries and more. The information gathered on these pages shows that Andrew Carnegie is thought to have given away – in today’s value – some $78.6 billion!

Andrew Carnegie’s thoughts on fair distribution of wealth are also delved into here and there are lessons to be learned which are still valid today.