scholarAndrew was known and recognised for the many different roles that he took on in life and being a scholar as well as an activist made up part of these. He created relationships with others within the literary field such as Matthew Arnold, Mark Twain and Hebert Spencer. His wealth and status allowed him to form acquaintances with other high profile people of the time, even including US presidents.

To fuel his passions for writing as a means of getting his thoughts and actions known, he purchased several different newspapers throughout England. His intent and ambition was to get rid of the monarchy.

Among his writings was a book called An American Four In Hand in Britain. The purpose of this book was for Andrew to reiterate his experiences. Aside from this he also wrote for some notable newspapers. While his writings seemed to be well received it was deemed that the one that portrayed just how radical he had become was called Triumphant Democracy. These writings clearly showed how Andrew favoured the way Americans were making progress while at the same time his criticism of the Royal family in Britain was most evident.

Although he had made his mark in the writing arena, of great interest to many was his wealth and how he had made it. The story of this was aptly covered in a published piece written by him for the North American Review called “Wealth”. A request was made to have it publicised in England where it was then titled “The Gospel of Wealth”. Mr. Carnegie was of the mind that his story of wealth was made of two sectors. The first sector was accumulating the wealth that put him in the status of being very wealthy. The second sector was what he did with much of that wealth which was to donate it to worthy causes.