There is a reason why Andrew Carnegie is so revered for his business philosophies. His lessons are timeless classics that worked a century ago and continue to work today. Any businessman or entrepreneur who learns and applies his lessons would be steps closer to their own moment of glory.

All successful people tell the same thing, and that is to continue growing one’s self through personal development. Indeed, personal growth is a life-long endeavour that even the wealthiest men shouldn’t ignore.

dale-carnegieWhen it comes to self-help, one name stands out. Dale Carnegie, the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, published back in 1937. It may as well be the most important self-help book of all time. In essence, Dale Carnegie wrote about relationships. Understanding people and how to nurture and cultivate relationships that the practitioner could use to their own advantage through a certain level of influence.

But Dale was not always a Carnegie. As a matter of fact, his real surname is Carnagay! But during his time, Andrew Carnegie was at the height of his own popularity and recognition. His influence on Dale was so profound that the author changed his name to Carnegie.

And that is the greatness of Andrew Carnegie. He achieved the pinnacle of leadership in the kind of influence he had on Dale. The fact that Dale Carnegie is renowned for his book and influence further catapults Andrew to greater heights.

True leadership is a lot of things, but one of the lowest forms of it is considering only his hierarchic position. In essence, being a boss who can command employees does not make the boss a leader. Being the type of person who could influence other people to do things of their own volition is another thing. For that reason, Andrew Carnegie is a true leader.