Andrew Carnegie Archive

Andrew Carnegie’s Contributions as a Scholar

Andrew was known and recognised for the many different roles that he took on in life and being a scholar as well as an activist made up part of these. He created relationships with others within the literary field such as Matthew Arnold, Mark Twain and Hebert Spencer. His wealth and status allowed him to […]

Andrew Carnegie’s Unintentional Leadership Influence on Dale

There is a reason why Andrew Carnegie is so revered for his business philosophies. His lessons are timeless classics that worked a century ago and continue to work today. Any businessman or entrepreneur who learns and applies his lessons would be steps closer to their own moment of glory. All successful people tell the same […]

How Andrew Carnegie Positioned Himself for Success

At a time when business was down and everyone else was downsizing, Andrew Carnegie would have none of that. Instead of cutting costs and lowering production, he opted to manufacture steel at full capacity. Business was bad, sales were terrible, and his competition was minimising their losses. Andrew, on the other hand, elected to continue […]

How Listening to Diverse Opinions Greatly Benefits a Business

Most people stick to enjoying the company of those they are already comfortable with: like-minded individuals who are agreeable and fun to be with. But the truth is that this may not always be the better choice when it comes to growing one’s self. For it is in the company of agreeable people that people […]

Applying Carnegie’s Lessons on Placing Bets

There are different reasons why people place bets and gamble. Perhaps the worst reason would be because of the need for money. Excluding that one, there are two great reasons. One of them is to have fun, and the other is… To win. “There is little success where there is little laughter,” Andrew Carnegie said. […]

The Smart Owner Knows How to Use the Best People

Nothing threatens some people more than to be the less informed ones in a social gathering. As such, there are people who sit still and listen to others talking. Of course, there are those who would talk about how great they were in doing this and that. And so by the end of the meeting, […]

The Simple Ways of Understanding Art Paintings

What’s with art paintings that have mesmerized and fascinated people for ages? For most people, appreciation of art could be in as far as going to world renowned museums and having their photos taken. Take the Louvre Museum in Paris, for instance. The vast majority of people who go there spend a considerable time having […]

Andrew Carnegie: A Lesson for the Wealthy

Especially in today’s age, one of massive income inequality and wealth disparity, where the top 1% own as much wealth as the bottom 50% combined, there are lessons to be learned from the great philanthropists of olden times, such as the incredibly generous Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie emigrated from Scotland with his family as a young […]