benefits-a-businessMost people stick to enjoying the company of those they are already comfortable with: like-minded individuals who are agreeable and fun to be with. But the truth is that this may not always be the better choice when it comes to growing one’s self. For it is in the company of agreeable people that people fail to recognise their own shortcomings. After all, agreeable people are almost akin to ‘yes’ people.

On reason why people stick to the wrong kind of crowd in this respect is that they are avoiding disagreements. Perhaps they think arguments are useless – and they would be correct. A healthy debate, though, is good if it is to see things from different perspectives.

Another reason why people stick to agreeable people is that they find the others boring. Perhaps they have nothing in common, or they find them uninteresting. But this attitude is for people who are marginal. The successful ones know diversity and variety is a key to understanding the market.

Andrew Carnegie advised people to create and stimulate diverse opinions. When you think about the benefits, then it makes sense.

The real world is diverse. Listening to varying opinions help you better understand the world around you. In this way, you can plan to embrace a larger market rather than isolating your business to a small sector of it.

Encouraging a healthy debate is not a waste of time, but more like brainstorming. Let your people speak on their own volition, and they could surprise you with amazing ideas. Does it matter if an employee proposes an idea that is better than an owner’s? In this scenario, the company stands to gain. Always!

A good owner knows how to find great people to work for them. A great owner knows how to listen to his employees who are better than him or her. No one can think for everyone, and so it follows that when you listen to diverse opinions, one is bound to pick up good ideas from every direction.