use-the-best-peopleNothing threatens some people more than to be the less informed ones in a social gathering. As such, there are people who sit still and listen to others talking. Of course, there are those who would talk about how great they were in doing this and that. And so by the end of the meeting, everyone leaves and the one person who gained more was the one who listened to the most.

Running a business is all about being smart. While an owner may have a big ego, refusing to admit that he is not the man of the house, the smart owner is different. In fact, the smart ones are the ones who think they are not smart enough.

And so, what do the smart owners do that makes their companies successful and highly profitable? They do the same thing that Andrew Carnegie did, and that is to get the best people in his company. These are the people who know the business better than he did. The same people who are more efficient and connected than he ever was. And in the process, he learned from the best ones in the business.

There is no place for ego in a business. An owner can only take a business up to a certain level. But with the right people, far better results can be achieved, bringing the company to new heights. So the next time you feel insecure, or inadequate, in the company of great people and feeling like you don’t belong, think of Andrew Carnegie.

By being in the company of people who knows more than you, you are presented with an opportunity to learn and grow yourself. As for a business, it can only grow up to the level of the owner. And so by putting someone who is better than him, the smart owner knows the future is bright.